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Благословение и письмо Индийского Брамина, Пандита, Гуру, Тантрайога, Махараджа Мадхуджи Марии Карпинской.





    Mаy you all be happy Prosperous Joyous and skilful at your work under the affectionate eye glances of Ma Bhagavathi Sri Sri Sri Lalitharajarajeswari Maha Tripurasundari Bhairavi Ma Sri Adyachiti Shakti. Sri Prajna.

If a person is understood, accepted and loved, he will grow in full possible ways. But UNDERSTANDING IS DEEPER than KNOWLEDGE.

There are many people who know me, but very few who UNDERSTAND me Understanding is more of the heart, than of the mind.

I sincerely thank you for understanding, loving and accepting me as I am, and also for the warmth of heart I have always been receiving from you.

I pray, our acquaintance, friendship and association may gain strength in the New Calendar Year and hope that the coming year bring you best of health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

India 1996.