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Эксклюзив туризм НПТМ
Doesn't matter who you are in this life, but ones you'd be called by hopes, which didn't come true.
For all questions please contact: e-mail nptm@bk.ru; тел. +7(915)183-78-18
The community of free travel in India.
In the footsteps of the Dravidians.
Follow by your wish and get young, do become beautiful and strong, smart and kind, cultural and expert of secret knowledge. Everything is easy, human, here is your history, immerse yourself in it.

Эксклюзив туризм НПТМ

Message from the President of ANO "New planetary TV M" Maria Karpinskaya.

I address to a free travelers, to those who likes to discover secrets of the world on their own and who loves India and dreams of seeing its main values ??and not get into troubles associated with the specifics of Indian people, such as: lying, stealing, cheating and other unpleasant situations, which can face romantics and free travelers.

For many years I travel in India. For the first time I traveled to India from north to south for 2 years in search of traces of Christ from 1994 to 1996. I found everything I was looking for and much more. And I was not robbed, not cheated, not disappointed. And I will open for you my way to India.

Free tourists traveling without companies are going to India:

   1.   To get health
   2.   For rejuvenation
   3.   For enlightenment
   4.   For exotic
   5.   For secrets
   6.   For freedom
   7.   For adventures
   8.   For spiritual practices
   9.   For religious experience and history

There are any of these points in India and you can get it. But to satisfy your wishes you need:

   •   TIPS. And I'll help you.

   •   Guide - and we are placing it.

   •   An experienced guide from India, who will escort you to temples, places of power, will help with accommodation, transport and eating, guide the native of south India's state Tamil Nadu. And I direct you to him. He is a friend of mine and he has a little hotel in Pondicherry, where you can stay and eat for a very cheap price. There he founded a little community of travelers.

   •   You would need an experienced translator, as our friend doesn't speak much English. And I have there my person, who will meet and accompany you.

About money and cheating in India.

The Indians love money more when anything in the world. And that is a sacred deal for them to deceive a traveler. And this practiced everywhere. I will help you to avoid this trouble and disillusionment.

   •   You would be taking some money with you in the travel, and it is best in India to have some cash in dollars, as in India everywhere is cash payment.

   •   That is not difficult to exchange dollars on rupees with translator and guide, in other case you'd be cheated and deceived everywhere, even in banks.

   •   Indians like to increase the price of everything in several times. If you know English, but you are white, you should know - you will be cheated.

   •   All the rickshaws and taxi drivers also love to drive in a strictly opposite direction from the declared and take from you money several times higher than the real price.

   •   In hotels they are also take rates from the ceiling, if you come by yourself.

   •   For food they also take as much as they will estimate your ability to pay by your look and the weight of your wallet.

How to protect yourself from the fraud and get all what you desire without disappointments:

Only in one case - if you go on a tour of Tamil Nadu with an Indian:

   •   which have proved to be your friend, or by the recommendation from your friend

   •   which from the same state and speaks Tamil language, you will not be deceived, and prices will be all those, which really are.

   •   And, of course, to be not cheated, not robbed, you need a good translator and expert of life in this state, because even for an Indian friends you need a friend from Europe to check.

I have it all in India. That is why no one disappoints or robs me. And I wish you the same and show the way for you - free adventurers.