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Обращение к правителям и олигархам

The appeal to governors and oligarchs


Mother and council of wise men

We know that you have been selected by God. The mankind future depends on you.

We know that you have been selected by God and ancestors.

We know that you can help mankind!

We know that God gave you many possibilities that that unique moment for you and us has come, the moment about which your soul knows. This moment has come! You can satisfy the unique request of ancestors, the nature and God! You will help people, and the world.

You have been grown specially up, you have been specially created by us for the unique purpose that you could execute the mission. We know: you did for yourself many restrictions in life to reach conditions of today.

God and the nature, ancestors, forgave you for all errors. They forgave, and, thus, they helped you, doing for you an exception of the general rules of life. Wonder: why it happens with you? Why it doesn't happen with other people? We did it, God did it, ancestors and the nature have made the help for you that you could help other people.

Look around: the Foresight and ancestors, the nature have given the chance to you to understand the reasons of the future events and signs. Ancestors give signs and prophets to notify the whole world and all people on the earth on the possible future of mankind.

All people still had not enough time for end of the old program of mankind, and there is a preparation of transition of mankind and a planet on a new level of development. The account goes for some months.

God, ancestors, love you. Therefore they want, that you answered them with love and attention.

You have chance to remain good luck, with ancestors, with people, with mankind in the new world. This chance is for you while all your errors have been forgiven you. But if you miss this chance, all errors which have been forgiven, will come back again to you.

And then to happen so: you aspired all life, you have reached this level. It won't be necessary neither you, nor people. From love to hatred one step.

The big love can turn to the big hatred because the elite becomes the enemy, favourite becomes hated. The blessing will be a problem; the world will appear war; creation will turn to destruction. Heat becomes a cold, relatives will appear far, dreams begin not to lift to tops, and there will be a falling, tops become a precipice.

Health will disappear and illnesses will come, protection will turn back an internal attack, control – chaos, comfort – death. The jump in a material world becomes falling, mind flight will appear absence of air, good luck becomes spoiled and there will come crash. The beauty becomes horror, the body will be the stranger. Life – not life, light – absence of visibility also will come internal blindness, darkness becomes uncertainty. Your steps become for you danger, the love will disappear and will turn back treachery, nonsense becomes the big error, not efficiency – loss of all that appreciated and loved. Absence of the decision becomes absence of chances, the negative answer – the end of everything that you loved and appreciated in life.

We know, you the elite! Remember the sources, execute the way. For we are sent to help and rescue other people.

Hasten – take a step!
We mentally with you!
We wish well to you!
We know that you will hear us. We know that we will help you!

To a meeting or farewell.

Commonwealth of founders of the future.
Maria and council of the Indian wise men.