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Maria Karpinskaya is the Author of the project "the World Through the eyes of Children".

World through the Eyes of Children


Dear friends, parents and children of Russia and other countries!


Exhibitions: Russia - India. 2020

Victory  over  coronavirus  and  diseases


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"The World Through
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WORLD through the EYES of CHILDREN




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RULES for participation in the WORLD CHILDREN's GOODWILL CAMPAIGN "WORLD through the EYES of CHILDREN" 2020

Drawings are accepted from children from 3 to 18 years old. The best works will be awarded the opportunity to take part in International exhibitions of children's drawings "the World Through the eyes of Children" in Russia and India, receive awards and diplomas, and be recognized by famous figures of culture and art.

Photos of drawings and the application form for the competition should be sent to the following address: or to WhatsApp +7(901)767-90-01 marked for the contest "the World Through the eyes of Children" until July 20
At the international exhibition "the World through the eyes of children"in Moscow and India, will ORIGINAL children's drawings are displayed NO LARGER than A3 (30 cm x 42 cm) . You can send children's works to the following address: 142114 , , . , . , . 3 . 97 it to
Children's art works must be issued in Passepartout and reach the recipient drawings must be before August 20 2020

Rules for participation:

1.    Read the terms of participation on this page.

2.    Download the questionnaire for candidates to participate In the international exhibition "World Through the eyes of Children" and fill it out.

3.    Take a picture of your artwork.

4.    You can send up to 10 drawings from one author to the contest.

5.    Artworks must be made on a flat surface: paper, cardboard, fabric, etc..

6.    Artistic works must carry a semantic, plot, or emotional load. They should not be standard educational staging exercises. Artistic works, whether still life, landscape, portrait, story or abstract compositions, should bear the thoughts, feelings and individual vision of the youngest artist.

7.    Electronic files with photos of drawings are accepted for the competition in the following formats: jpg and png. The name of the picture and the name of the file (drawing) must match. If the file is large or there are several files, you can archive them in rar or zip archives. If the work consists of several files, you can send them as a single archive (you can archive photos of drawings with an archiver program, for example: WinRAR).

8.    When the application form for the World through Children's Eyes contest is completed and photos of the artwork have been taken, log in to your email and write an email marked "2020 World through children's eyes children's drawing Contest", attach the application form and photos of the artwork to your email and send your email to: or

9.    Photos of your artwork will be reviewed by an international jury.

10.    Photos of children's art works are accepted until July 20, 2020.

11.    The best of the submitted children's art works will be selected by an international jury to participate in the International exhibition "the World Through the eyes of Children".

12.    The authors of works of art that won the competition will be offered the opportunity to participate in the exhibition with the original selected works, which they will either hand over to the organizers of the exhibition, or send by mail (see the address above)UNTIL AUGUST 20

13.    Art works selected by the jury for participation in the International exhibition "the World Through the eyes of Children" will be presented in the Internet exhibition on the portal "New Planetary Television M

14.    The works are evaluated by the competition jury.

   The grading of grades is as follows:

      - Exhibitor;
      - Participant of competition

Contest nominations:

Category 1. Victory over coronavirus and diseases.

You are given the full right and freedom of your imagination to draw a VICTORY over the coronavirus and diseases on the entire planet Earth. No one will limit your imagination. You are free to draw whatever comes into your heart. Just draw, without any rules, so. As you want, as you feel it.

Category 2. Invite me to Light Rus!

(Life in a dream on the island of Buyan based on fairy tales by Alexander Pushkin and Russian folk tales.)

Here you will ask your parents to read you a fairy tale about Tsar Saltan and read Russian folk tales. And you, as small Creators, will draw that beautiful life and that new world in which you would like to live, a world without diseases, wars and murders, a world in which everyone is friend and no one offends anyone. Animals and people are friends, and people do not kill animals and do not eat them, where the Swan Princess lives and thirty-three heroes every morning come out of the sea waters, where the squirrel nibbles nuts that contain pure emerald, where the cat Bayun lives and walks around the chain, and tells children stories in human language.

I wish you good luck and your paintings will participate in the opening of the exhibition in Moscow provided that all of us together defeat the coronavirus. And next your paintings will go to India and we plan to present your paintings in three major cities of India. And all of you will receive gifts and rewards from us and from India.

And when you grow up, you can come to India yourself and you will be welcome in this amazing and beautiful country. We also have big plans, and we will definitely tell you about them at the opening of the exhibition.

We wish you good luck and believe in your strength.

So be it!
Maria Karpinskaya, author of the project World through the eyes of children.

RULES for participation in the children's art campaign of goodwill look here