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Мир глазами детей   -   Детская художественная галерея

Мария Карпинская - Автор проекта "Мир Глазами Детей".
Maria Karpinskaya is the Author of the project "the World Through the eyes of Children".

World through the Eyes of Children


Победа  над  коронавирусом  COVID-19  и  болезнями


Victory over coronavirus and diseases  




Жюри международных конкурсов детских рисунков "Мир Глазами Детей".

Jury of international children's drawing competitions " World through the Eyes of Children".

Мария Карпинская

Maria Karpinskaya - international journalist, member of the International Union of journalists, writer, poet, philosopher, teacher, Director, producer, thinker, General Director of ANO "New Planetary Television",
Author and implementer of the project "World through the eyes of children", Chairman of the Jury and Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Children's international gallery " World through the eyes of children"
Russian social activist, author and Creator of more than 100 international social projects, including the Children's State, the World through the Eyes of Children, the Commonwealth of Future Creators, the World through the eyes of people, and others. Read more in the biography of Maria Karpinskaya at the link:

Рафик Азизов

Rafiq Aziz - Azerbaijani artist, member of the Union of artists of Azerbaijan, Professor at Istanbul Yeditepe University, teacher, academician, full member Of the Academy of Arts of the world "New Era".
In 1992, Rafiq Aziz, together with the Union of artists of Azerbaijan, founded the University named after Khaztyaev. From 1994 to 1996, he worked as a consultant on culture and art at the ISTEK Foundation in Istanbul.
In 2014, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev awarded Refik Aziz the title Honored artist, member of the international Association of plastic arts of UNESCO. In 2014, Rafiq Aziz was awarded the order of the Fatherland by the Dede Korkut national Foundation of Azerbaijan. In 2017, Rafiq Aziz received the title of YOK Professor. From 1983 to the present day, he has opened 30 solo exhibitions abroad.
Participant of more than 50 group exhibitions. His paintings are in the collections of the Istanbul Museum of the military Academy, the Museum of the naval Academy, the Naval Museum in Istanbul in besiktas Marine Museum in Mersin, the Museum of Gallipoli Piri Reis, of the Japan Maritime Museum, the U.S. Embassy in Turkey, at Istanbul's Piri Reis University, TRNC near East University Museum, Istanbul Hotel Pera Palas, as well as paintings Rafiq Aziz are in the collections Very Private. The artist himself Lives and works in Turkey.

Борис Лейфер

Boris Leifer - painter, theater artist. since 1977 Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Member of the Israel Union of Artists.
Graduated from the Repin State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Achitecture (Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, Russia) in 1975. In Syktyvkar, from 1975 to 1978, he was the chief artist of the Komi Republican drama theater. Recent awards of Boris Leifer:
Artist of The Year - Mantova - Theatre Sociale (2019);
International Prize Velazquez - Barcelona - MEAM (2019).

B. B. Leifer has been a participant of regional, regional, national, all-Union and foreign exhibitions since 1975 (USA, France, Sweden, Italy, Israel, etc.); international exhibition "Art-Expo" (Moscow, 1998).
Personal exhibitions – New York (USA, 1997, 2000), Paris (France, 2000), Yaroslavl (Russia, 2001, 2011).
It has been exhibited abroad since 1985:
Poland, Sweden, Holland (1986), Germany (1985, 1986, 1988), Turkey (1987), Israel (6 exhibitions during 1991-1993), USA (1993, 1994, 1997, 2000), Canada (2 exhibitions – 1993), Italy (1995).
The collection of the State Russian Museum (Saint Petersburg) contains works by B. B. Leifer "still Life # 2" and "Landscape with a white cow". The artist's works are also in the collections of the Chicago art Museum (Chicago, USA), the Torre Canavese art gallery (Torre Conavese, Italy), the Yaroslavl art Museum (Yaroslavl, Russia), and the National gallery of the Komi Republic (Syktyvkar, Russia).
Lives and works in Israel.

Сакит Мамедов

Sakit Mammadov - people's artist of Azerbaijan, Professor, member of the Union of artists of UNESCO, honorary Professor of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, count of the heraldic Academy of the Vatican, full member of the world Academy of arts, honorary academician of the Russian Imperial Academy of arts, honorary member of the Roman Academy of Modern Art, full member of the Academy of arts of the World, full member of the Turkish World Academy.

Sakit Mammadov — the founder of the style "Opalism". Author of more than 7 catalogs. Sakit Mammadov's works are exhibited in many prestigious galleries around the world. He has participated in exhibitions in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Hungary and other countries. Exhibitions of his paintings and his students are repeatedly held in Europe. The artist's works are in private collections of famous personalities and in museums around the world.

Winner of the International prize. Ataturk. Awarded the order of the "Golden star"by Turkey. Winner of the award of the Serbian Royal Academy and awarded the "Golden angel" medal. Awarded the Officer's cross of the International Union of knights of the order of Malta. Winner of the gold medal "Son of the Fatherland" award "Dede Gorgud", medals of Leonardo da Vinci and Spitzweg, the medal "St. George", the order "Golden crown", the order "the Honour of Europe," "a Big Golden knight stars" cross of Alexander "merit", "order of Friendship", "Star Senator International knights Union" medal. Rembrandt, the Todashi Goino medal, the order" Creator of the Epoch", the prestigious Russian award" Man of the Millennium", and is also a" Goodwill Ambassador " of the United Nations.

Сакит Мамедов

Olga Babanova - art critic, art historian member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the Association of art Critics and the Rating Center of The professional Union of artists. She graduated from the history Department of Moscow state University with a degree in history and theory of art, as well as from the Music school. Ippolitova-Ivanova majored in choral conducting.

Goskomizdat of the USSR, the Main editorial office of fiction-curator of publishing houses "Art" and " Fine art»;
senior research associate Of the Studio of military artists. Grekova,
art critic Of the state Tretyakov Gallery,
Head of the International Department Of the professional Union of Artists, member of the Rating Center.

Кирти Чандак

Kirti Chandak - Indian artist, founder Of the Tasmai center for art and culture in India".
She graduated from the Sri Aurobindo international education center in Pondicherry in 1991, received her bachelor of arts degree in Kala Bhavana painting, Vishwa-Bharati Santhiniektan 1992-1997 and her master of arts A. A. degree in painting from MSU, Baroda 1997-99. She is a recipient of the 1997-99 National scholarship, Kirti was selected for cultural exchange with the National higher school of fine arts in Paris in 1999. She was awarded the "Later Miline Kumar Bheid" gold medal from the University, Baroda for painting in 1999. He received a scholarship for teenagers in 2000-2002, a special award from the Bombay art society in 2001, and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant for 2002-2003. Her works are figurative and subjective.
Works and leads the project of the Tasmai center for art and culture in Pondicherry, India.

Кирти Чандак

Fisun Dervis - diplomat, representative of SOCAR - the State oil company of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Bloombergint - one of the two leading providers of financial information for professional participants in financial markets. Turkey.

Александра Гусева

Alexandra Guseva - Executive Director of the NEW PLANETARY TELEVISION Studio, Member of the organizing Committee and organizer of the project Children's international gallery " World through the eyes of children"
Administrator of the NPTM portal,
artist, teacher.