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Наше Отечество. Проект Марии Карпинской

Наше Отечество. Проект Марии Карпинской

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Шашурин Сергей Петрович.
Москва - Казань   

Отец Павел Поваляев.
Липецкая обл. г. Елец   

Синдиси Намуси.
Грузия. г. Батуми   

Сергей Николаевич Кришталь.





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Родина начинается с Отечества

Шашурин Сергей Петрович.

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Koshchey the Immortal's needle in a Gordian knot of Shashurin S.P. The article of Maria Karpinskaya about Shashurin Sergey Petrovich. English translation by Maya Nikolaeva. >>>

The article of Maria Karpinskaya. English translation by Maya Nikolaeva. Google

Koshchey the Immortal's needle in a Gordian knot of Shashurin S.P. The article of Maria Karpinskaya. English translation by Maya Nikolaeva.      Koshchey the Immortal's needle in a Gordian knot of Shashurin S.P. The Author is Maria Karpinskaya. English translation by Maya Nikolaeva.

Koshchey the Immortal's needle in a Gordian knot of Shashurin S.P. The Author is Maria Karpinskaya. English translation by Maya Nikolaeva

Koshchey the Immortal's needle in a Gordian knot of Shashurin S.P.

The article of Maria Karpinskaya. English translation by Maya Nikolaeva.

Reconciliation of enemies or war and death of the civilization?

People, most of people, unfortunately, have got used to live and think fragmentarily, by clips and pictures. And therefore they can't trace a chain of series of events, which sometimes begins its way from one simple human destiny, and comes to an end with positive or negative result for the whole world.

And this destiny, by some improbable artful design, a thread of a hidden silence in its invisible part, passes through the fate of the whole country, and after - through all mankind. No any most ingenious human mind capable to create it. At such combination of circumstances on all scenario not the hand of a human, but a firm hand of God is traced and on all events the divine seal is set.

To meet a person with such destiny, intuitively understand the highest will, and then to calculate and trace all his life and biography is a great luck for many people. And I have met such person, and for me the studying of his biography it is as a skiing descent from an unknown mountain. It takes my breath away and causes joy, fright and surprise at the same time.

That all because you suddenly begin to understand that the outcome of one such fate of one person could give either development with vertical rise of all miracles and execution of high dreams of the best minds of Mankind, or on the contrary - cause falling of all mankind with its failures into time gap and disappearance of the universe and civilization in general.

Today I want to bring this inspiration to your minds because, having met such person, now I fly from the high mountain on skis, in the middle of his destiny, and the quicker I run in comprehension of series of events of his biography, the more and deep opens the understanding of the improbable scenario of splitting of the great country USSR, and collecting of all values and richness of this country in one personality.

In this personality the fate of all nations and people, expectations and high dreams of romantics, courage of honest sons of the fatherland and pain of mothers for the fate of children of Nature, and at the same time materialistic aspirations of pragmatists, blasphemous plans of artful politicians and a game of intelligence agents, a greed, a cupidity, a cowardice, a lickspittle, a lie, a treachery and insidiousness of people has connected. And all this bears in itself the poisoned evaporations of vicious minds and radical poisons of all experiences of the people connected by fear of survival and entangled by a web of eternal slavery, violence, domination of the power of one over others.

I tell to you the name of this person — Shashurin Sergey Petrovich.

Destiny and Life has brought me together with him in 2017. The first question which I had asked myself: who is he? To understand the person, it is necessary attentively, not formally, to study his biography. Many people just have no biography. They actually don't live, their souls are asleep. And such people don't play any role in history. But here I have faced the improbable and big fate of an alive person.

Imagine for a second yourself on his place. Shashurin Sergey Petrovich three times was a deputy of the State Duma, three times lay in psychiatric hospital, and there, instead of treatment, the doctors asked his help. In thevpsychiatric hospital he helped the mentally sick people, patients of hospital and doctors who asked him to organize the patients for performance of these or those tasks. It's already incredible!!! The doctors saw in him not only a healthy person, but also a reasonable psychiatrist capable to organize in a uniform group the mentally unhealthy people. Three times he was imprisoned. Pay attention, everywhere is the figure 3.

Sergey Petrovich was born in a family where mother and father bore ideological and spiritual contradictions: a communist mother and a believer father. Honest, but irreconcilable enemies, whom Shashurin Sergey Petrovich got in himself since the birth. And the knot has begun to tie since childhood. And the ball of contradictions accrued, a ball from the most different rules, ideas and outlooks grew with an inconceivable force. From home, the habitation of the child Sergey, which was near a colony in the Republic of Tatarstan, the village of Kochemirovo, in the name is already the fate of this person, the wandering world, and the destiny brings him into the capital where he meets those who decide destinies of the country and the whole world. Himself he chooses nothing, life and destiny gives him a direction and a way.

He creates projects and makes reasonable offers in the State Duma. Different countries till this day are using his projects. His biography as a knot continues to reel up new circles and to knit knots in which the countries and continents are soon reeled up. For a minute imagine yourself on his place. All money of the republics of the USSR, the Council for Mutual Economic Aid, deposits of citizens, richness of the country, gold, diamonds, gas, oil -communicate through Shashurin Sergey in an unsolvable Gordian knot, which grows in a certain similarity of a fantastic oak of a giant which he becomes.

He was entrusted with all richness of the countries and the universe, and at the time of the collapse of the USSR he becomes a private owner of all this wealth. It is impossible and it is fantastic, but it is the truth. It is impossible without intervention of the highest forces. All wellbeing of the world has at once appeared in his hands and he becomes a keeper of all riches. A Giant Oak stands on a high mountain and isn't seen yet by people. He is hidden. But intelligence agencies and future governors, these fond of power and future oligarchs are already prepare the artful plan by means of which they will get access to these infinite treasures and richness of the countries and the people.

And the plan has worked!!! At renewal of the passport he gets to a dexterously weaved trap. They issue him a false passport with other date of birth, and his personality forks. Now, according to the papers, there are two of Shashurin Sergey Petrovich. One — an inviolable deputy of the State Duma, and the second — one with whom it is possible to do anything.

And somehow I remembered the time of Christ. There too for the millennia the artful plan of bifurcation and reproduction of tortures of personality of Jesus Christ has been prepared. One has been crucified and was revived, but till this day hangs on the crosses of all churches and temples of the world, for edification of others and for putting them off rising against the existing order, he will suffer till the end of all times. And another was created as antipode — with the names: Morning Star, Dennitsa, Lucifer, Satan, all from the same freethinker Jesus, and an infinite hunting follows him and a slander pursues his traces. And his third component is written down by God, to whom the awful execution, which isn't understood by people to the end, is appointed: by his name the priests release to people all their defects, and the defects grow and the world doesn't develop, but degrades. And Christ thus is doomed to the eternal sufferings, refine considered and carried out by scribes and keepers of the order of eternal slavery and humiliation of the Nature, the world, people, angels and the Creator.

One Shashurin Sergey Petrovich is imprisoned. While another is registered as a deputy of the State Duma. The swindle of the century allows the security services of Russia to take out all money, gold and diamonds out of borders of the country and put in all banks of the world, of which there were more than 800. All those, who were engaged in export of this money tied to resources of Russia, were only keepers, they couldn't withdraw the money. But all these operations went under signatures of some Committee of Three Hundred, led by such global persons as the president of America, the queen of England, the Pope and others.

The knot grows. Under this money and resources the dollars are issued. And on the high oak the big world chest appears. Let's remember the fairy tale about Koshchey the Immortal. His death is concealed in a chest, a hare sits there, a duck whose name dollar hides in the hare. The fairy tale heaps the knot which can't be untied. Shashurin Sergey Petrovich's fate becomes this knot.

Such chain of events is impossible without intervention of most different forces: divine, natural and foreign, and demonic, and political, and all others. All in one person. And all that would still be okey, but in the duck is an egg in which is a needle concealed, the needle of fairy-tail's Koshchey, which it is necessary to reach in the nearest future.

This chain of events leads people to new thinking, understanding of life and reality. It is possible to untie this Gordian knot only by the whole world as the money are blocked on accounts of the whole world. And together with them the future of all mankind is blocked and stopped. If not to reach this needle the balance of the world won't be able to hold itself within and a terrible last war will burst.

It is time for all people, regardless of the country and nationality, to understand that we can untie the knot only together. All countries are obliged to accept the decision, and responsibility for the future of the people and the countries from now on lies on everyone WHOM THESE DATA REACH and who hears this story of money, richness of Russia and of dollar printed under this wealth.

Who disowns from this history, won't be able to find the future any more. And therefore everybody would have to answer. All countries together will make the decision. And it means only one: all enemies will need to reconcile if they want a continuation of life on the planet.

As soon as this Gordian knot would be untied, the fantastic needle will be found, which is not actually fantastic, but on this needle all of us sit remorselessly. And this damned needle will be dissolved, and all the money would materialize worldwide. Then there will be enough of everything for everyone, and new correct innovations and technologies which will save Mother Earth from torments of hell will enter the world. Earth will breathe and the dead by soul people will get alive and the peace on all planet will set in.

And it is time for all to realize that there are two scenarios for mankind: one, the best will lead to prosperity and abundance, but for this purpose there has to be reconciliation of enemies. And Shashurin Sergey Petrovich offers such scenario.

All money of the USSR that concentrated in banks of all countries of the world are not to return to Russia, but - to materialize in these countries and direct to implementation of intercontinental, federal and regional projects of these countries.

The biggest monetary accumulations are in banks of India and China. And the first word should be from China and India. Peace or war of all with all. Victory of reason or madness and death of civilization.

Other scenario, that which is foretold by all black prophets, and it is scary. If the leaders aren't able to undertake the responsibility for acceptance of the right decisions, and the knot will remain not untied, then Mother Nature herself will untie all knots and all these attributes will be destroyed, and the cities and villages will be burned, and people and governors will die. Also there will be a terrible war of the worlds.

I say so because I have seen this, and I urge you to realize and to see, and use the best efforts on rescue of yourselves. The choice for all of us: the peace and prosperity or the destroying and devastating war WHICH WILL not LEAVE the STONE ON STONE And the EARTH WILL UNTIE ITSELF THIS GORDIAN KNOT.

And the right to people is granted, to the countries and governors of the countries, to realize how all forces of the Universe have enclosed the questions and answers in the fate of one person, whose name is Shashurin Sergey Petrovich. And Universe forces have made it for the association of all mankind.

Who has understood, that has begun to see clearly. Who has begun to see clearly, that will enter the future and himself will decide the destiny and to bear responsibility for himself and for the planet. I call all people, from big to small, to understand and inform anybody and everybody with these good news. Remember, by handshake of six each others hands we are connected with all mankind. The same is in the process of nuclear reaction, when one person has heard and says to six, and that six tell each to six others, and there will already be 36 people. And so on. And thus the process gets the mind of all mankind over decision made by governors. To you it is given, and to you it is to solve: if you and your children will live on the Earth, or lose the soil under your legs forever. The needle which can become your future is in your hands. I have told what I know. Be human and become human. Don't prattle. But take several steps and the future will come together with meaning of life to your houses.

The article of Maria Karpinskaya about Shashurin Sergey Petrovich. English translation by Maya Nikolaeva. 23.01.2018