Biography of Maria Karpinskaya -
Author of the projects
Biography of Maria Karpinskaya - Author of the projects









Mass-Media about the projects
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Mass-Media about the projects of Maria Karpinskaya


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The project of Maria Karpinskaya

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Explanation to the program THE CHILDRENS STATE 1989.

          The concept of the program The Childrens State was written in 1989. It was tributed as the best one in the Eurotalent, which is the cultural segment of the European Parliament. Together with this program, the International Charitable Organization School of Stars for gifted children became a component of the European Parliament.

          A plot of land for construction was allocated in Uzkoye area. The program supervisor was Mr.Stankevich.

          Best architects were the authors of the project of the city, which has been approved in Europe.

          In 1992 a letter with the blessing of the Pope was received from Vatican. He welcomed the program, and valued its importance.

          In 1992 a decision was take by the author of the project to transfer the construction to Siberia. It became a fatal mistake. Management of the project fell into other hands. The Eurotalent rejected the new project leader. Funding the construction of Children's City in Siberia was turned down. The project was closed, without even having started.

          The idea came back to the author again, and was subsequently modified and supplemented.

          In 2000 work on the Children's State program was restarted. Regrettably, the country itself has changed, former curators and assistants either ceased to be such, or quit their positions. The project had to be commenced from the zero point again.

          The work on the program began from a small television studio Strannik ("Wanderer"), and from a recreation sports camp School of Vityaz Knights. A movie, Emerging Dreamcoast was produced, and constructing the Children's City in the Volga Red Pine forest, on the territory of a school for children with deviant behavior was considered. It was agreed with the administration and local authorities of the Yaroslavl Province. They were ready to donate a land area of more than 1000 hectares, have registered the Dreamcoast organization, but no funds were found.

          In 2001 a decision was adopted to form the transition to the Children's State program in several stages. The first one was the International Open Festival of programs and films produced by school television studios of the CIS and Baltic countries The World through the Eyes of Children. It was held in the city of Sochi, and successfully closed in November, 2002. The author was granted the award of the Government of Moscow for development and realization of the idea of the Festival.

          By today, all stages of the program have been conceptually developed, sources of finance found, basic shape of the team selected. Currently, the Organization seeks State support and looks for further funding.

          The author of the Project, President - M.A. Karpinskaya