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Mass-Media about the projects of Maria Karpinskaya

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The project of Maria Karpinskaya THE CHILDRENS STATE

          First you should understand that Sea Gull is the embodiment of eternal freedom, which is the embodiment of the Great Sea Gull, and that all your body from the end point of your one wing to the end point of your another wing is nothing, but your thought

          No limit, Jonatan,- he thought smiling and rushed forward in search of knowledge

          Today such Sea Gulls Jonatans people gather together to fulfil Childrens state programm. Those who have read Richard Bachs book will certainly understand me. We are ready to accept anybody who once realised that people live not to eat. And then the question arises: but what for? It arises in ones heart in such a way that it is impossible to live as before. This person with a thirsty soul will come to us and join us. Now is time for such people to be together. If it doesnt happen in nearest future, all the world will stand before destruction. New coming generation will explore the atomic power stations which are still left and will break off the last link from the ecologic chain-this act will destroy the life on our Earth forever. The living force of our planet consists of our thoughts on 80 per cent. And soon people will understand this.

          I am a teacher, but not a natural science explorer and not psychologist. My knowledge can not be tested or measured; its suble world experience.

          So, my thoughts and knowledge resulted in the creation of the School of Stars organization for gifted and talented children. I should say it happened not by chance. Firstly, the aim of the school was not so clear to us, but gradually all the tasks and targets has become clear to us.

          Now a few words about myself. For 15 years I worked as a teacher in the school. I taught different subjects. There I organized the childrens theatre. I was a producer, director and scenario writer. Children, with whom I worked, we call here difficult. They are mostly from unfavourable families. I learned to love those children, and they also loved me. They became my friends and I was interested in their future destiny. I taught them how to conquer anger and now to go along the truth path. Not all of them had enough power to be in self esteem; many of them gave up and followed the way shown to them by our state, society and circumstances. Others still followed the way of struggle and their lives were full of sufferings. It made me unhappy. Does it mean that I taught them in a wrong way?... So, I was fond of my job, but I left it. I had to have time to think it over. In some time I wrote the programme for schools of the city of Moscow. The essence of the programme is as follows: first of all I found very talented people, adults from various spheres of peoples activities. Those people possess highly spiritual levels, they can resist the pressing environment. They dont notice this environment. They always can work despite the heavy atmosphere in our country. They love their job irrespective of how much they are paid for it. This people represent the intellectual wealth of our country. I should call them talents-in-solitude.

          So, those people started to meet and communicate with children. They talked with them, discussed different problems. As the result, children found friends for themselves, many of them determined their future profession. Children changed greatly. They began to smile more some interest sparkled in their eyes. Suddenly I discovered the truth for myself. I understood, that I and my students we had suffered because I taught them how to fight evil but every fight gives multiplied evil, and struggle with your enemy increases your own sorrows and makes others suffer even more and more. So, what is needed? Very simple thing to bring peace in the world, that is all. Not to stay long anywhere; not to try to overcome any obstacle, but to understand, that its not an obstacle at all there are no enemies around simply try to stop and hear their voices. A man becomes wize when his soul is ready in every moment of life:

         1.          to think;
         2.          to feel;
         3.          to inhale the harmony of the world and firm belief in its eternal perfection;
         4.          to deeply understand the unity of the world and radiate smile.

          Beauty will save the world and its true, said so sharply.

          If you go to meet children with an open soul and heart, all around you will change, all the picture of Life. At that time I was not acquainted with the Bible, and I didnt know the words, said by Christ. One of the true statements of his was proved by life.

          I myself changed totally and people and the world around me changed, too. People with selfish aims disappeared, and all their evil deeds became clear. Every day of my new life was long, like in childhood, and seemed a fairy-tale. Every month was so rich in events that seemed a year. I managed to easily overcome my sins and diseases; fussiness left me, harmony and feeling of great love to people came instead. It is difficult to describe what I felt. My soul became like the river. I smoked, drank hard, was ailing long time ago, it was not real life. I lived real life only half a year, and everything changed so wonderfully! Now I wanted to help all my numerous friends and their children. But now? I began to use my fifteen-years experience of working in schools. I began to analyse. The most difficult problem that arises in schools is the relationship between the collective of people and every one of it, every person. Everywhere conflict takes place between a person and other members of the collective where person have to be. A group of people always try to strangle a person, to suppress him or vice-versa- one strong personality is able to lead the whole collective and make it follow him. For teenager this choice is evident either he is the leader or he is banished. And all this is being done unconsciously. Ive an impression that it happens under the influence of some biological forces, like it happens when one laughs others begin to repeat the action, laughter spreads. In this case transformation of person takes place the process when a person having got to a collective of people, looses its personal speculation, and here pack law begins to work. Pack becomes a person, and its actions are very surprising they can act in an absurd way in the way that is quite contrary to their natural impulse. Children as well as adults can sometimes form their characters under and in accordance with the influence of a man-leader, personality. There are two types of leaders : they can be oriented on evil (darkness) and on good (light). They possess a great psychological power. If such two powers meet in one place, they instinctively begin to experience hatred towards one another. It concerns the dark power mostly. So, such a person begins to radiate the vibrations of hatred everywhere around him, it is very alike the contagion, where other people become diseased and they loose their ability to control their actions. And such situation can last for years. We have examples Stalin, Hitler. During their regimes persons oriented on light were killed, put into prison or hid in solitude. That happened so often in the world, but especially in our country, that light personalities still cant find each other in the darkness.

          So, how to vaccinate people against the influence of evil? How to put light line instead of dark line, how to abolish blindness in people? Then pack will loose its aggressiveness, thrusted by the leader. So, maybe, in life we cant strictly divide light and darkness, but this borderline exists inside us, it doesnt depend on our actions, it is always involved in struggle, like during gaining over a robe, it acts according to certain laws. So, we may come to the conclusion that in the structure of anyone same laws are working, that laws of the whole pack- which is also a person. So, the line between light and darkness inside of us is the spiritual center of a person, his talent. All small children have and feel this center so all small children are talented. But gradually they begin to loose this center, and it means that theyre loosing their talents, or may be developing their talents but in (-) minus direction.

          This is the reason why I want to realise the project of building the Childrens state for gifted and talented children and adults. They must be together, because talented, spiritual people are like light houses in the country which is deepened in darkness. It is so easy to lif off a candle if it is burning in solitude! Children can be compared with the oil, which, taken together, will be sustaining light in the lighthouse. If put them together, we shouldnt have to struggle against evil. A big search light will begin to shine in the darkness. The circumstances in our country are such that there is no way forward for one talent this ray of light will be lit off; but taken together, they will create a special field of resistance to evil, Like in Shambala. Then it will become real to wih gaining over the robe game to the side of lightness and creativity.

          From the Bible we know that if nine wise men gather together, they can save the world.

          So, the question arises how to fulfil the task that stands before the organization how to defend good from world evil?

          We must not be in solitude. A great movement of amalgamation of all positive spiritual forces of the world should start everywhere. All these forces will face the existing forces of destroy and perishing.

          My organization must be international and all world. One principle lies at the root of it the principle of high morality.

          New principles of education the education based on high spirituality will be the living force of new pedagogics, that is to be merged in schools of our Childrens state. Methods that have been suggested by famous pedagogists of the past and present should be used together with new methods of working achieved. These are five main aspects of our new school:

         1.          cultural aspect.
         2.          religious aspect.
         3.          educative aspect.
         4.          aspect of philanthropy.
         5.          political aspect.

          The main idea of new method of education that we suggest is that teacher and student create each other, it is based on communication between them.

          I myself have changed and transformed greatly during the time Ive been working over the problem of organization of my association. I feel as if I was born anew. My heart has purified itself, it got rid of egoism. I learned to control myself. My soul heard the voice of God. Gods blessing came to my heart and new acknowledgement of world came to my mind. I began to see truthful entity in everything and everywhere.

          Great love for all living on the Earth filled my heart. I started to hear and understand aliveness of plants, animals and stars. Ive become their student who was listening and hearing them, my teachers. Now I have power enough to spread over my knowledge, to put my organization in functioning phase, to start upbringing people in a new way.

          And one important thing is that whoever knocks at my door for help I must give it however busy I am. And this is the only worthwhile thing to be done for people. And so responsive must be all members of my organization. They should never step aside from their moral platform. They must always follow their principles of high spiritual morality.

          The likeness and great benefit of our organization can be proved, if any of its members are a pure example and embodiment of its high principles. No government would ever be able to change economic situation in our country until the spiritual rise of people takes place in the country.

          Spiritual thirst in my country is great and it means that such situation opens great perspective for living for my organization. The main thesis of the organization is to unite the most gifted, spiritual and talented people and to make them all of organism. The nature of such an organism should be ever creative the atmosphere should be ever pure, loveable, powerful. People of this organism must avoid any kind of manifestation of egoism and egocentrism. They must very well know all value of deep understanding of religious and moral principles. Those who do not possess such qualities must not remain the members of our organization.

          The main aim of the organization through personal growth and awareness to social transformation through service to people. All religious outlooks must be united, multiplied and acknowledged as different reflections of various levels of spirituality.

Here are the main principles of new pedagogics:

         I.         Kindness, love and subtle tenderness in relations between teachers and students.
         2.         Soul warmth and deep feeling of fair and conscience.
         3.         Internal personal discipline, developed will power.
         4.         Pure mind, thoughts, desires.
         5.         Deep and rich life experience.

          Learning of science only through and by means of highly moral criterias criteria and of means of highly moral criterias and in awareness of spirit of nature. No and never usage of violence, blaming or domination and superiority methods.

          The commandments of Christ are the main and dominating in our organization all learn how to follow them. Every day I check myself: if I follow them or not and if not when, why or how. I have broken them. It helps me to minimize the number of mistakes I do and sustains my stage in Christs spirit. Whatever thought I have, whatever action I am going to commit, I always check it, equalizing on Christ. I always think: How would He act in such or such situation? But if yet temptation wins and I still make a mistake, I hear Christ crying inside me. And I immediately feel ashamed, pity and pain before him.

          All these moral principles are put inside the programme Childrens state for gifted and talented children. What is gift? How does talent look like? It is the specific feature of a person. If a person illuminates light it means that its talent is spiritualised; if a person radiates darkness, - it means that its talent is devoid of any spirit. What is spirituality? Its being in God, in His high spirit. So, talent is Gods gift and it needs spiritual leadership. Otherwise such talent can loose its divinity, it can loose its godly spirituality and bring lot of harm and evil to people. There are numerous examples.

          We are all standing on the edge of a precipice Only enlightened, highly spiritual, devoted to God people can save us from the catastrophe. All countries, but especially Russia, need such special Cities for teachers and scholars.

          You can ask me: How can we select scholars?, and Ill answer: No selection. Let everyone come but only those will remain, whose personality allows to be formed in this particular way, who will feel easily the spiritual atmosphere in this special school, who will feel trust and respect to their teachers. But those children, whose souls have not been yet ready to accept all this, they will feel it and leave the school for themselves.

          Then next question arises: How must the project of Childrens State look? So, it must response to the aims and tasks, standing before the organization.

          Uskoe, which territory is going to be given for the Childrens town, is one of the finest places in Moscow. Besides being the major green piece of the capital, it also has an outstanding history.

          The past centuries have left their spirit in rare architectural and Nature monuments here. The oldest one is the Church of Kazan Mother of God, built in the 17th century. The old allies of irregular park, garden with the trees 100 or maybe 150 years old, lead to the summer palace, that appeared here in the 18th century. This wonderful monument is connected with great number of legendary names, like dukes Trubetskiye and cosmic-philosopher Soloviev. The system of old lakes (executed in the 18-19th centuries), and the green walls of wood surround this ensemble, like the natural border.

          Unfortunately, this majestic place, which gathers with its earth so much energy, now is dying. It is not only because of it is surrounded with the giant growing city. The first reason is that Uskoe has lost its master. The meeting of two ideas: the restoring of the historical ensemble and the executing of Childrens town the master of the place is the happy chance of cultural restoration. The beauty of the future town would lie in its unique synthesis of history and modernity, in the contact of old traditions, new trends and Nature.

          The Plays of the Sun would meet all the guests. It would be dominated by the old Tower, given to the Childrens town government. It would have the horse yard in the basement for taking trips across the park. All the traffics must be stopped here, to hold the Nature atmosphere in the town. Nearby, there would be the hotel with small business centre for guests from abroad. Three roads the sunrays-would call the guests out from the main square. The first would go through the old gates into the historical part. The central one would lead across the town, lakes to the wind-energy machine, standing on the hill. Along this way, closely to the historical part there would be childrens workshops, connected by the entire exhibition surface, where one would watch or buy the outstanding, traditionally crafted things. The third road would connect the main square with the centre of private town life-dwellings and the school for 600 pupils. The living houses would be divided from school by east-west path with the sun clock in the middle. The average height of buildings here would be 2 or 4 storeys. The educational buildings would be ended with the school of Arts, situated on the lakeshore. Here would be also the small theatre with the scene opening on the water.

          To make Nature the master of the situation, all the flats in dwellings would have wide green terraces and all other volumes would be connected with covered green yards or curved lines of winter gardens.

          Generally the town plan and its architecture would depend on the aim to awake in ones mind images, pictures, connected with history and Nature.

          And now the conclusion in short.

          Attitude towards culture will change. Persons creativeness will be the highest and most divine attribute of mans ability. Id like to repeate the words of Ioann, Bishop of San Francisco, who said, that culture is love to people. The world was created as Love, harmony is given to us only through love, and everyone is able to express love. This is the greatest aim of life and history. We, people must fill the world with the fragrant garden of kind creative thoughts and feelings, without hatred, evil, egoism. Culture is peoples labour, prompted by love. Not forced labour, which is damnation, but free labour, which is blessing

          Attitude towards religion. All religions must integrate into each other in harmony. All Christian churches must unite for the sake of salvation of our young generation which now is on the edge of full decay. And this is typical not only for Russia it is general in the world. So, church must become one, Universal.

          Attitude towards science. Science today is in its degradated stage, because everyone, whoever he or she is, whatever principles he or she follows, can lead, work, dictate in science. No matter how high is his or her moral standarts, what spiritual forces are driving this soul every one is allowed and invited to move science. Here are the results Chernobyl APS, chemical poisonings, dangerous diseases, weapons for selfdestruction.

In School of Stars the following attitudes are presented:

         I.         High moral cast of mind.
         2.         High authority of science.
         3.         Personal deep religious feeling.
         4.         The work in interests of Nature and Mankind

A person lacking these qualities is not allowed to go into the realm of science.

Attitude towards nature. Great love for nature, great respect and admiration, but not egoistic and selfish motives should be in souls of our scholars. Every plant, flower, mineral has its own soul, and those souls can be your closest friends and teachers.


         1.         Metahistorical
         2.         Transphysical
         3.         Universal
         4.         Scientific
         4.         Artistic

          Metahistorical this is the science about beyond being in the religious sense of the word. Scientific-upbringing system applied in Childrens state will be directed to the development of this method of learning. It will bring person to lighting up of his consciousness, to purification of his heart. It will lead to his inner order of mind, to the inculcation of virtues.

          Transphysical method is unification with God which in constant communication with Him.

          Gods kingdom begins in the Soul, Soul accepts God, and He comes into it. Soul begins to serve God and sacrifice itself for Him mind, liberty spiritual seed of a human being. And Lord accepts this and signes the agreement with a man.

          Universal starting from the moment of unification with God a new stage of consciousness begins to develop in the soul of a person. A new feeling emerges from inside of a soul - this is a constant feeling of spiritual consciousness. Mind becomes light and bright it gives the body signals of divine beauty and great power. A new stage of stability appears. Soul begins to contemplate God, the state of a person becomes peaceful, happy and contended. No way for evil. Spirit begins to flame up inside the soul. A man appeals to the Eternity. Everything earthy looses its power. Limitless knowledge of ourselves starts its growth. Mind, heart, Soul and body all become one entity. Flame of spirit purifies mind, making it all-seeing, inner abilities become powerful and emerge from the depth of a personality, wisdom comes to intellect. And supreme mind begins to emerge in a simple mind of a man. A man becomes a piligrim on the Earth, whose path leads to his spiritual Motherland.

          So, all scientific and pedagogical practice is based on these methods of learning. Its aim is to master the mechanism of such world acknowledgement.


          Different structures and sectors according to the directions of their activities will work on the basis of unity and mutual cooperation.

          ROLE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN EUROTALENT           to maintain friendship, cooperation, sustenance and mutual help in realization of all the plans and projects.

          In joint movement as Mr. Luis Nazareth said:

Talented people and gifted children it is an eternal property of mankind. And I want to add to it : They are also an eternal property of the Universe and they determine the future of the mankind.

          Functioning of such organization as Eurotalent will always be the greatest power, able to pull all the mankind out from the precipice of perishing.

          President and financial tycoon of all the countries of Europe and for sake of salvation of our Earth must share their wealth with others on voluntary and charitable basis with Eurotalent.

          I would very much like my report to be sent to all Powerful VIPs of the world because now is high time for all of them to know on which level of danger world is standing. I think that our country must refuse this shameful help that we receive from abroad, because people will start to think: Why should we work? Clothing and food will be given to us by the West.

          ask you for such help that can transform peoples outlook in the U.S.S.R. It will increase peoples spiritual potencial. It will help us to grow the new generation.

          With great respect Maria Karpinskaya