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Biography of Maria Karpinskaya -
Author of the projects
Biography of Maria Karpinskaya - Author of the projects
Цели и Задачи проектов Марии Карпинской. Россия


Цели и Задачи проектов Марии Карпинской. Английский


Цели и Задачи проектов Марии Карпинской. Израиль


Цели и Задачи проектов Марии Карпинской. Италия



Mass-Media about the projects
of Maria Karpinskaya
Mass-Media about the projects of Maria Karpinskaya


PROJECTS OF MARIA KARPINSKYA : by the Author and by the joint


"My Studio, the idea of NPTM, the idea of "the World through the eyes of children", "Children's state" came as the Light from the Thoughts of the Creator, as Salvation. About it's talking not just I. Talking about this many people who became acquainted with the idea very deep. Chief editor independent festival of European films George Kacanski wrote an expert opinion on the project, and confirmed that this idea came to earth from outer space.

Relatively speaking, I am that pregnant woman who gave birth to the idea, which became salvation for the world. Why me? Because I always lived with soul wide open. People living with open soul, they is open to thoughts God, open to the noble ideas. I was given this idea many years ago.

We do not exist by the will of man, but God's will works in our Studio and on the project. Works here the divine power of thought and the power of the idea "Children's state", the power of the idea, sent from Above.

Our Association gathers young aspiring creators, those who pass the exam to Heaven to become God's friend and his co-Creator.

And most importantly – it is an Association headed by a woman, the bearer of Love, but not the human authority and that says it all".

Maria Karpinskaya.

Goals and Missions – The projects of Maria Karpinskaya:

1. The world through children's eyes
2. The land of children
3. The Energy Club
4. Other plans and projects

The aim of my projects is to help people reach a new level of spiritual development, thus crossing the threshold to a new consciousness, remembering the creating energy which had helped people fulfill their dreams.
Russian people have met these energy when they had read the great writers-prophets like Pushkin, folktales, epos, and other fairy tales: Goldfish, Queen-swan, The Magic Horse, The Gray Wolf and Mother-Wolf. From these realms of magic comes the energy to fulfill dreams.
Through childhood stories, you must have met heroes from the other world. These characters have fulfilled the wishes of their friends, took them to the other world, and upon returning have realized, instantly, "palaces and Bridges" as if out of nowhere!
When we say "something out of nothing" – we speak of alchemy. Let it be. To get something real out of the none real, certain actions have to be taken, together with a belief and a co-operation with the forces of the universe and Planet Earth.
Today scientists, and those people who have started their spiritual path, understand that everything around us – is energy. Throughout the whole universe!

The goals of the projects:

• Find new sources of energy
• Learn how to cooperate with this energy
• Create a new space for it
• Materialize all the good characters from the fairy tales
• Transfer energy from one place in the universe to another
• Create in this space new living-conditions

The world has been living by the old standards, based on money and bills symbolizing strange energy, taken from the people and this planet.
We are not following the old traditional way like everybody else.
Why are we going in a different way, and who is coming with us?
We, the people of Earth, have graduated the "Living upon Earth" old school. We are ready to move to the next stage, in order to live in a good harmonious world, governed by communal-creation-laws.
Dear friends, you know that all the old fairy tales which you have loved can relive in you! And maybe they already are! Just "develop the film" and the fairy tale shall rise!
I invite you to the real world of the fairy tales, where all is possible. Come aboard!
We shall open the magic door, behind which there is no coal or gas or water or money, but infinite life full of energies of creation. Then, we will change!
I have joined "The Connecting Project" in order to help our planet pass this "Birth Period" painlessly.
For this Connection to take place, for us to co-operate and live on a new Earth of light – we must help our planet give birth to a New Planet Earth!
Take hid! Birth labor has begun! Relaxing and releasing meditations will help us and planet Earth to avoid death and destruction through the transit.
My projects will help. They will create the new life cells of the new living conditions on the new Planet Earth.

My teacher tells us:

Man doesn't need neither a car nor a rocket. All he needs is another person, at every given moment!
The Club is a structure of various levels of co-operation among people, and between them and the energies of the Earth here, under the conditions of Earthly time.
The first level of co-operation:
Men and women study together and separately.
The Club's main goals:
Discover the "friend" within.
Discover a beloved "friend" in the other.

The titles given in this first level are:

1. A friend
2. A beloved friend

How do you endow these titles?
Throughout co-operation and instruction a person will discover the qualities of a friend.
He will learn to recognize the friend within, containing all the energies of the Planet and the universe.
He will learn to recognize a friend in his immediate vicinity.
He will learn to recognize a beloved friend along his thoughts, feelings and energies.
Once these processes have been activated, the person will be endowed with these two titles: a Friend and a Beloved friend.
The qualities of a Friend and of a Beloved friend:
The first quality by which we recognize the friend within is:
While each of us is to himself – a Friend is for everyone.
The main quality of a dear friend is: he helps you fulfill your most hidden wishes!
The road to acquire knowledge and titles is difficult and complicated.
The knowledge and titles in the fabulous Energy Club of Maria Karpinsky – is not easy!

• Knowing means being "Able"!
• We think and act!
• We mean and say!
• We say and aspire!
• We aspire and create the future model!
• From this model we enlist sources and energies!
• From these sources and energies we reach tranquility and void…
• From void we act without resistant.
• From this kind of action to the fulfillment of the project or wish!
As a result of all the above, we shall build within us and discover those sublime qualities of a friend, for those who will become members of the Club.

What shall we be for the other Club members, upon receiving the title of A Friend?

• A friend understands and forgives everything
• A friend doesn't judge
• A friend loves especially those who have wrecked their hopes and dreams, despaired of life, have a disregard for death and have sunk in the labyrinth of darkness. These ones are held especially dear by A Friend.
• If you are too eager of too indifferent – you have a Friend by your side.
• If you have stooped to violence - a Friend will understand you.
• If you hate the world and wish to blow yourself with it – a Friend will accept you, and you could confide in him. He will keep you secret.
• If you had fallen down, and left completely alone – a Friend will be your brother and sister.
• If you have figured it out, and are looking for your death – a Friend will help you find a new meaning in your life.
• If your hands are filled with your own blood – a Friend will purge you and free you of your heavy sins.
• If you have become addicted to drugs – a Friend will show you the way out and a new road to take.
• If your road has led you to terrorism and direct confrontation with your world – a Friend will give you a "warrior's hand" and help you change your horse from black to white.
• If your hands are dirty from exploitation and theft, and your soul is covered with the rags of false love and chasing money – a Friend will "coat" you with clean clothes and wash your hands with healing waters, provided you really want to change.
• A Friend always needs and want you. If you don't believe it's possible, you may check. You'll waste your time, but when your check is over, you'll be surprised, charmed and changed!
• You have the right to disbelieve, not hope, not love a Friend, and check him. A Friend understands it all and forgives it all.
• If you believe a Friend – you'll find out what has worked for you.
• The title "Friend" is for everybody!
• A Friend enables others to cheat him, while seeing the "lie" and helping to find what has caused that evil.
• A Friend doesn't hide behind masks. He is open, humble and unselfish.
• A Friend will speak to you as an equal.
• A Friend has his own world, and invites you inside.
• A Friend understands solitude, although he has always been among people.
• He is like you.
• Of all the treasures in the world, this is the greatest: to be chosen by a Friend!

What is the price to be paid for this co-operation and the title of a friend?
The price for such a title is so high, that all the gold in the world is worthless compared to it.
What kind of presents will a Friend or a Beloved Friend get?
Between riches and indifference, darkness and void – a Friend will have discovered within all the energies of the Cosmos and the Planet, the power of thought, learn to create with this thought and shine with the truth upon the whole universe! All members of the Club should reach this understanding:
Whoever lives solely for himself – is wasted like fumes.
Whoever lives for his family alone – is consumed!
Whoever lives for everybody – shines!
Who will become a Friend, or a Beloved Friend, for the members of the Club?

• Whoever has kept his silence for long, even though he had a lot to say`
• The one who didn't help, but wanted to…
• Who has explored life and people, has sought the key to happiness, the cause for all disasters.
• Who was near but could not watch…
• Who was afraid to be made into a symbol`
• Who lived among people but has always been lonely.
• Who, like a shell, has been lying at the bottom of the ocean, growing a pearl.
• Who has learnt to understand people, given them what they need, while all the time seeking tranquility and his own soul…
• Who has seen others sell themselves, their souls – and has never judged them.
• Who has seen some cheat others, rob them of their time and money, and judge neither.
• Who has kept silent while all were talking, kept walking while all had fallen, lost everything for the sake of others, and found it again…
• Who has strengthened his will, waiting for the moment of truth, to share with others his knowledge in full.

Dear friends, dear people! We are all here, we are with you!

Maria Karpinskaya


A film about the Studio NPTM. The phenomenon of ark - 21 part 2.
The world-creators. Fantasy and reality.
All three parts of the film about the Studio Maria Karpinskaya NPTM see HERE >>>

About the project of Maria Karpinskaya
the World through the Eyes of Children:

     "International social project "the World eyes of children" for their purity, naturalness and honesty is a planetary idea, which are able to work within the framework of an entire planet. Only such a pure idea might gather together in one team so many talented adults and to attract gifted children and youth. It is obvious that this idea of planetary scale can change the world for the better.".
The authorized editor of the festival's programs «EURO-IN FILM» Djordje Kacanski

     ..."The authors and developers of the project "The World through the eyes of children" have found such a path and through an integrated approach, already started the campaign to repair the mental health of children and youth of Russia and other brotherly countries of the former USSR. They found a completely new and original practical method of breaking the deadlock, this integrated approach may combine their efforts all the structures and organizations of the country. As Minin and Pozharsky United the country against a clear enemy and a raised power of Russia and won, so the authors of the project "The World through the eyes of children" through the project and the program unites all the conscious part of the country and the brotherly countries through the children and young people".
President of the ОСОО "Russia without drugs", Dr. med. Sciences, Academician Vladimir Ivanovich Ivanov

      "Analyzing the Project,first of all, it should be noted that the Authors, the main aim of the Project "the World eyes of children", put the spiritual invasion of the brand (of creative ideas) in the global information space. You must agree that the submitted Project is unique and if you want planetary.He may become an international tool for mitigating conflict situations in the World. This project can contribute to the implementation of Divine principles in relations between countries, peoples and religions, to serve as a platform for reconciliation and unity of the creative forces of humanity. Director General, Economic Advisor, office of the President of the Russian Federation, academician of ATN RF, Leonid Ivanovich Maslov.

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