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От международных Фестивалей к Союзу Молодежных и Детских телестудий.
От Союза к Телеканалу. От Телеканала к программе "Детское Государство".

"Мы не дети России, мы дети Мира".
Михаил. Возраст 6 лет.

История проектов Марии Карпинской    PROJECTS OF MARIA KARPINSKYA : by the Author and by the joint

Второй Международный Фестиваль детских и молодежных СМИ
в рамках фестиваля EURO-IN FILM Festival of the European and Independent Film



Film works of children and youth presented to the " EURO-IN FILM " Festival of European and Independent films were qualified in the following nominations:

1. Social advertising;
2. A musical video clip;
3. A fiction film;
4. Computer graphics and animation;
5. Cultural and entertainment program.

In experts’ judgment, children and youth works deserve highest acclaim. Many works are exemplary as a model of new cinema, with surprising revelations and discoveries. Children and youth have a lot to give as teachers.

They are next Zeeg Vertovs and successors to Andrey Tarkovsky’s film art. Many experts tend to assert that Russian cinema as such has come to an end since Tarkovsky's films, having been replaced by American blockbusters medley. We all can see, however, that the revival of the Russian film art is just around the corner through children and youth, whose current works in amateur video production are in no way inferior to those of professional film makers.

In connection with the abovesaid, the European community of the "EURO-IN FILM" and the "Cultural Center of Novi Sad" are willingly prepared to support the initiative of the authors of the project "The World Through the Eyes of Children", and to enter the cooperation with the independent non-commercial organization " New Planetary M - TV", in order to jointly implement the project of a TV channel "The World Through the Eyes of Children".

The world largest film companies, and stars of the European cinema will be ready to participate in this project, since it deserves utmost attention and professional promotion in the countries of Europe.

The editor-in-chief and the head of Festival «EURO-IN FILM»
- Djordje Kacanski