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Biography of Maria Karpinskaya -
Author of the projects
Biography of Maria Karpinskaya - Author of the projects









Mass-Media about the projects
of Maria Karpinskaya
Mass-Media about the projects of Maria Karpinskaya


       PROJECTS OF MARIA KARPINSKYA : by the Author and by the joint

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̻ "" Summary of the project
New planetary television M
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Summary of the project New planetary television M

New planetary television youth TV on today, is one of the spiritual portals of education and culture in the global information space of the Internet.

The project World through the eyes of children started its social and charitable activities in 2001 with the support of ANO Festival of school television studios, in 2005 was registered ANO New planetary television M.

The project covers several spheres:

       Additional education, informing about innovations, progressive ideas and developments for the future of the planet.

       Preservation of the cultural Fund of the planet and sharing information about the activities of modern progressive companions of the development of culture and art.

       Promotion of people, ideas and social brands in the global information space.


Target audience of the project:

       Children and youth - gifted, talented, curious: schoolchildren, teenagers, students.

       Employees of television, cinema and other media

       People of art and science

       Active participants of social networks, forums, and Internet communities.

The relevance of the project. Preconditions of occurrence of problems:

       The era of information technology pushed the boundaries between countries and continents.

       The process of globalization develops spontaneously, primarily through the world wide web and the media

       Amount of information is growing every second, uncontrollably, like a flood.

       People drowned in the ocean of information. They do not know whom to listen to.

And then in the information flood helping hand to stretch out a New planetary television M

Problems arising during the information chaos and requiring long-term work:

       Reduced the overall level of culture

       The history of the countries are blurred and distorted

       The art of becoming mass

       Blurred peculiarities of language and culture of the peoples

       People become consumers. Starts universal degradation !

       Balance of our one world is broken !

We help find the path in the abyss of information. We build for you the Ark of salvation.
We do our media. We create light, we look at the rising sun.
If not we, who will equip reasonably this world !?

An urgent need for each individual with his experience of life and wisdom:
To properly organize this world and turn chaos into order of the world.

What purpose is served by the project?

       Increase the role of youth TV-studios, as of smithy of staff for the Media

       Protection of the rights of children by means of Mass-Media

       Popularization of new methods of teaching

       Education of the person of XXI century

       Synthesis of positive information on the planet, to change the future

What changes to the country will bring the project in which it will be realized:

       Improving the country's image in the world information space.

       Disclosure of untapped creative potential of the country through the younger generation.

       Opens the way for positive change through the attraction of creative potential.

       Directs not on the way of confrontation and revolutionary changes, but the original path of creativity for youth and adults.

The changes that the project will contribute in other countries:

       Unite youth of different countries under unified social brand the World eyes of children, which does not contradict to anyone or anything, and common goals.

       Investment attraction to youth projects and organizations across the United Center - UNION of Children's and youth TV studios the World eyes of children.

       Expansion of a spectrum of international relations of cooperation between the youth of all countries and through the full implementation of the entire Project the World eyes of children.

       Creation of a new model of the World. Will mitigation national and religious contradictions. Will decrease the confrontation between management systems of countries.

From 2001 to 2014

Festivals the World through the eyes of children

   1.    In 2001, the establishment of Autonomous nonprofit organization Festival of school television studios and developed the project of the international festival the World through the eyes of children.

   2.    Approved and endorsed at a meeting of founders of the ANO Festival of school television studios (minutes 7) the same name ideas and slogan of the idea of the World through the eyes of children, proposed by the author of the project of Maria Karpinskaya.

   3.    Approved symbol of all the programs and projects connected with the idea of the World through the eyes of children - the boat with a sail in the form of a rainbow, as a symbol of happiness.

   4.    Approved and designed form, incentive and other documents with the use of the logo in the form of a rook, and the inscription the WORLD through the EYES of CHILDREN.

   5.    During the year was circulated information, found the television studios of Russia, CIS, Baltic States. They were given a task: to make videos on 12 nominations and submit these materials to the Directorate ANO. Produced and presented more than 1500 works. In CIS countries, Baltic States and Russia was opened 230 studios.

   6.    In 2002 the First international Open Festival of films and programs of school television studios CIS and Baltic States the WORLD through the EYES of CHILDREN. It turned out that children make the program is not worse than adults, they think more and more beautiful than adults. Their works cause a shock.

   7.    During the three years from 2002 to 2005, was in correspondence with . Sent letters to the heads and mayors, Studio upgraded and developed. In 2005 they were ready to form a Union of TV studios, they are willing to produce video for our order, but they need financial help to re-equip the new digital technologies. Part of the TV studios already upgrade. A number of TV stations have organized their local festivals. The festival movement spread to Russia and the CIS. On our website there is a Country of Festivals.

   8.    The project has been connected to youth TV studios CIS and Baltic States, who working on institutions, universities, cable TV, children's programs. Now we worked together with young people from 18 to 30 years. 2003-2005 our studios grew up before our eyes and from teenage they were became the youth.

   9.    ANO Festival of school television studios - was abolished, as it has fulfilled its tasks successfully, and its possibilities are too narrow. We grew up.

   10.    Autonomous Nonprofit Organization New planetary television M established by the Protocol 1 of the Constituent Assembly from 6.04.05 year. It was created as the second phase of implementation of the idea of the WORLD through the EYES of CHILDREN.

   11.    Negotiations are held with the organizations, sponsors, investors. Program ANO were presented to Various organizations.

   12.    Organizes press-conferences, meetings, clubs, round tables.

   13.    We are invited to show our work and to hold the Second international Festival of Open programs and films for children and youth TV studios the World through the eyes of children together with EURO-IN the FILM Festival of the European and Independent film.( 2005) in Serbia. Success is sure.

   14.    In Russia, in Moscow, a conference is being held jointly with EURO-IN the FILM Festival of the European and Independent film. Accepted agreement to develop cooperation.

   15.    Opens the international Internet-portal the World through the eyes of children, with the channels of Internet TV and radio buttons. Moscow. www.nptm.ru

   16.    Formation of the series of International television programs based on the children and youth programs and films the World through the eyes of children www.nptm.ru

   17.    Decided to start preparing for the unique part of the project - the Third International Open Festival of films and programs for children and youth on the largest ship in the world. Much has been done, but the project was postponed until better times. So it has been done on this project were the following:

       Development of the sponsorship package. Development of an information card of the project.

       Invitation of the co-organizers of the festival and TV program "the World through the eyes of children".

       Providing support to the festival, namely:

      1.    Partially we have the Board of Trustees of the Third International Open Festival of programs and films of children and young. This is the persons having authority in the society, top officials of the government. Presumably, for a successful brand in the world community, the head of the state on whose territory the festival will take place may become the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

      2.    Partially Formed the international Committee of the festival, from among persons who hold high positions in various organizations and structures. These persons must be able to perform specific actions, such as:

         1.    Creation of a site of the festival.

         2.    Provision of air time for television.

         3.    Manufacture of TV - full cycle.

         4.    Technical support for the festival.

         5.    Supplies and decorations for spectacular events.

         6.    Information support of the festival.

         7.    Organization, direction and conduct of the festival.

         8.    Holding of PR - companies for the purpose of branding.

         9.    Transport, medical, insurance, security, and other activities.

         10.    Administrative support TV studios on the ground.

         11.    Visa support.

       Formation of an adult of the international jury of the festival, according to the number of nominations. It is planned to increase the number of nominations to 18.

       Creation of a team of translators with major languages.

       Formation of jury of the press.

       Formation of the international jury of the festival.

       Creation of the selection Committee from among independent journalists.

But the question of rent of a ship "Oasis of the seas" was failed.

It was a compromise solution:
First, make a program with a virtual ship and work out all the plans in the game Country of the festivals.

Copyright television programs,
performed online the Internet television New planetary television M
from 2005 to 2014

1.    Direct dialogue
2.    E=mc2. Everything is relative?
3.    Spring water
4.    Wave of the wand
5.    Generation X
6.    The world eyes of children
7.    Conversation about the prophets
8.    Anthroposophy
9.    AIC SCO countries
10.    Art-fly: co-creation with the Child
11.    Conversation about the prophets
12.    Visiting storyteller
13.    In the country of Orpheus
14.    Vedic dialogue: Russia - India (Heirs aryas)
15.    News of antiquity
16.    Eternal love
17.    Adult kindergarten
18.    The wave of the future
19.    Let us ask the Oracle
20.    House of peoples of Russia
21.    Natural movement
22.    A Covenant of peace
23.    Sounds into the hands of
24.    Innovative economy of the SCO
25.    Keys to theosophy
26.    1804 Kozhukhovo
27.    The film lab
28.    Metanavtika
29.    World literacy with Tatiana Zotova
30.    Moscow - city of peace
31.    Moscow Navruz
32.    My big the orphanage family
33.    Full circle
34.    A new era of Russia
35.    The moral dimension with Natalia Shuvalova
36.    Numerology
37.    From geopolitics to
38.    Revelation millennia -
39.    Food for life
40.    Generation X
41.    Touching beautiful
42.    Journey with the Koran
43.    Conversation piece
44.    With an easel and a guitar around the world
45.    Sarov key
46.    The light of the world
47.    Silver string
48.    Union technologies of XXI century
49.    Sport man's friend
50.    Secrets of the ashes
51.    Universal psychology
52.    Ecopsychology
53.    Innovative Russia
54.    On the ship of revelations
55.    Moscow kitchens
56.    Noosfera - planet of the Mind
57.    Arctic Discussion club
58.    Breakthrough of technology
59.    Future Of Mankind
60.    Neskuchniy garden
61.    Dialogue-cafe Prometey
62.    The opening of the joy of the journey called Life
63.    Children laugh
64.    Carlson and Frekken Bok are invited!
65.    I want to be on TV!

On our portal Internet television
New planetary television M
by 2014 a:

13 Online TV channels continuous broadcasting:

1.    The world through the eyes of Indigo
2.    Children'svision
3.    Maria-TV
4.    Creative Association Wanderer
5.    NPTM - Culture
6.    Patriot
7.    The only
8.    Repentance
9.    =2 everything is relative?
10.    On the ship of revelations
11.    NPTM - Constellation
12.    Education
13.    The world Forum of Spiritual culture in Astana, 2010.

3 channels of live broadcasts:

1.    Universal wave Global Wave
2.    NPTM Free World
3.    Live Broadcast of NPTM

21 Channel of the continuous broadcasting:

1.    The return of Russian language
2.    M-Radio
3.    Dialogue of the Soul and the Creator
4.    Christian radio
5.    Muslim radio
6.    Radio Israel
7.    The wave of the future
8.    Autumn light
9.    Opera:
       Evgenya Darina
       Marta Kostyuk
10.    Silver string
11.    Water springs
12.    Fairy tales
13.    Ballads chanson
14.    Bards:
       Olga Barda
       Andrey Polyakov
       Oleg Atamanov
       Dmitry Ostapovych
       Oleg Novoseltsev

46 Project, implemented and carried out on the New planetary television M:

1.    Social project the World through the eyes of children
2.    The project of the program Children's State
3.    The second Festival of children and youth the World through the eyes of children within the festival EURO-IN the FILM Festival of the European and Independent Film
4.    The mission of understanding the way Home
5.    Third World Open Festival of children and youth the World through the eyes of children
6.    International Union of children and youth TV studios the World through the eyes of children
7.    International project New caravan path - all cities of the world
8.    International project Commonwealth of the Creators of the Future
9.    International project the Assembly of the peoples of the world
10.    Joint project NPTM and MISK - Dialogue-cafe Prometey
11.    International project Fund of protection of the reputation public figures named Len Vyacheslavovich Karpinsky
12.    Exclusive tourism NPTM
13.    Tourist media project the Undiscovered Russia
14.    A project for the preservation of national heritage Moscow kitchens
15.    Project assistance to scientists and the state, Innovative Russia
16.    International cultural project Russia - India. Providence and blessing of Ancestors with you!
17.    International educational project Mother India
18.    International educational project the Children of the White Jaguar
19.    Worldwide project the Future of Humanity
20.    International charity project media - volunteers
21.    Cultural educational project Neskuchny sad
22.    International educational project the Chief censor of information
23.    International educational project the White book of all I of Russia
24.    International educational project the Black book
25.    Union of independent TV-studios
26.    The author's project the Energy of thought of the day
27.    People's educational project people's news
28.    People's educational project The Cossack's Spas in the Russian land
29.    Cultural educational project We Sufis
30.    Educational innovation project Breakthrough technologies
31.    Spiritual project Fairy club Mary Karpinski Energia
32.    Educational Author's project New Horoscope III Millennium Mary Karpinski
33.    Spiritual project Our 2012
34.    Educational project Noosphere - planet of the Mind
35.    International charity project, Exhibition centre of the Country of festivals
36.    Cultural educational project the Library of Miracles
37.    Cultural educational project School of the New planetary television M
38.    Cultural project co-authorship Angels of Love
39.    People's educational project the Golden Gates of Golden Rus
40.    International educational project Paradox
41.    International communication project the Shop of luck
42.    International communication project working PR Department NPTM
43.    International educational project the Book of Fates
44.    The community of free travel in India. In the footsteps of the Dravidians.
45.    "Closer to the core" CERN. The Collider.
46.    Environmental auto tourism "In the last feature".

Projects implemented Maria Karpinski before the opening of the New planetary television M:

1.    Social project the World through the eyes of children
2.    The project of the program Children's State
3.    Project peace on Earth
4.    The first international Open Festival of films and programs of school television studios the World through the eyes of children
5.    The project of ecological settlement New coast of dream
6.    Educational project Search
7.    Educational project School of stars
8.    Association of women professionals Talents and helpers

New Planetary Television M charity provides information support to more than 300 organizations and official persons.

New Planetary Television M assists and cooperates with the countries of:

1.    Russia
2.    Ukraine
3.    Belarus
4.    India
5.    Israel
6.    Abkhazia
7.    Kazakhstan
8.    Germany
9.    France
10.    Brazil
11.    Serbia
12.    China
13.    Japan
14.    Greece
15.    Georgia
16.    Egypt
17.    Syria
18.    Cyprus
19.    South Korea
20.    Tajikistan
21.    Turkey
22.    Thailand
23.    USA

More than 200 films produced and released a New Planetary Television M.

Maria Karpinskaya and NPTM representative is the offices of friendly organizations:

   Maria Karpinskaya - Director on perspective development of the International Corporation "Shivani International".

   Maria Karpinskaya - judge of the First international literary contest named Dmitry Ogma "Last wave".

   Maria Karpinskaya - representative of the organizing Committee of the International Project of the national literary award "the gold Feather of Rus".

   Maria Karpinskaya - member of the jury of the children's competition of beauty and talent Mini miss and mister Russia.

   Maria Karpinskaya - member of the International coordinating Council of the Public ecological movement Rescuers. Germany.

   Maria Karpinskaya - Executive member of the Independent international analytical, literary-publicistic network almanac LitCetera. Germany.

   Maria Karpinskaya - honorary member of the editorial Board of the international Internet-magazine NewRezume.org . Israel.

   Maria Karpinskaya - Honorary Member of the world League Mind without the drugs.

   The club the World through the Eyes of Children (Moscow) is a Member of the Federation of UNESCO Clubs of Russia. President of the UNESCO club of Russia - Maria Karpinskaya.

   Maria Karpinskaya is member of the International Union of Journalists and Union of Journalists of Russia.

   Maria Karpinskaya - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the humanitarian programs of the charitable Fund for the support of activities of the Russian red cross.

   Maria Karpinskaya - Advisor to the Supreme ataman of the Union of Cossacks of Russia and Abroad on work with youth.

   Maria Karpinskaya - Advisor to the President MOPD Unity of the youth work.

Director General of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "New Planetary Television with M - M.A. Karpinskaya